Saige is a Modern Mystic and

Intuitive Business Guide

She specializes in guiding conscious entrepreneurs to transcend limiting narratives + embody their highest timeline of prosperous, purposeful leadership.

She uses her gifts as an psychic medium + hypnosis priestess to empower clients to access more of their own unique powers and message.

It's her deep honor to support clients around the globe who are bringing to life their visionary ideas and weaving a way to a more humane and liberated existence for all.

She currently shares her time living on the sacred Big Island of Hawai'i and in the majestic Olympic Peninsula, raising her two babies, often near the sea.


T h e  R o s e w a t e r  T e m p l e

The Rosewater Temple is the umbrella of all the magic - it's the etherial playground, the mystery institute, the vision of a heaven on earth future for the collective. 


The mood of the Temple is a Middle Eastern desert picnic - a moonlit swim in a phosphorescent sea, a priestess party in ancient Egypt. We see and honor the subtle energies and mysticism in everything and are here to amplify the beauty.  

Through mystery teachings, coaching, workshops and events, we're here to support you in alchemizing the visionary dream that's been tugging on your heart - into your waking life reality. 


"Saige is a true leading light. I have benefitted and grown from her counsel on topics ranging from home and studio space design, to guidance on personal relationships. Her scope is broad because her depth and vision are so pure and focused: it’s about joy, pure acceptance, love, and the end of struggle. She lives and breathes what she teaches, and even to encounter her energy is to tap into the wisdom of eons of spiritual powerhouses, while still celebrating the present practical physicality. She seems to have a direct line to Grace. As uncanny as her wisdom is for such a young person, her light sense of humor and accessibility ground her teachings in real daily life. The extraordinary generosity of her vision and heart permeate her creative and spiritual work, whether it's the dreams, sacred spaces and beautiful objects she manifests, or the gentle counsel she offers through her teachings and her luminescent being."

- JC, Entrepreneur